Nether is an ecosystem that offers innovative crypto products.

Netherlabs Product Ecosystem

Netherlabs is an innovative cryptocurrency ecosystem which offers or plans to offer 3 innovation products: Nether.Fi, Nether.tools, & Nether.gg.

Benefits of holding NETHER ecosystem token

The goal of the NETHER token is to be an overarching ecosystem token. No matter which product you visit, you will be granted perks if you hold NETHER. Any product that doesn't warrant a dedicated token will have its perks be baked into the NETHER ecosystem token.
  • Nether.tools token tier access perks
    • Extra favorites, trending results, time filters, multicharts, & trending filters
    • Revenue share based on total token supply held.
  • Discord NETHER token lounge access levels 1, 2, and 3. Higher the level, the more alpha.
  • NEFI synergy: reduced trading fees by 25%
  • Nether.gg / NFT synergy: rare NFT monsters are mintable only by NETHER token holders.

Nether.Fi - Decentralized Perpetual & Swap Exchange

  • Dedicated token: NEFI
  • NETHER synergy: reduced trading fees 25%
  • Nether.gg / NFT synergy: extra reward multiplier points (higher staking APR).
  • Trade spot or up to 50x leverage long or short on BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE, FTM, MATIC, and other top pairs.
  • Very low transaction fees.
  • No price impact, even for large order sizes.
  • Protection against liquidation events: the sudden changes in price that can often occur in one exchange (“scam wicks”) are smoothed out by the pricing mechanism design relying on Chainlink price-feeds.
  • Earn protocol fee sharing rewards by staking NEFI or minting NLP.

Nether.gg - Community & Gaming

  • NETHER synergy: special community Discord titles & badges
  • NEFI synergy: rare NFT monsters are mintable only by NETHER.Fi token holders
  • 151 collectable unique monster collectable NFTs
  • NFT dueling & wagers
  • NFT evolving system
  • NFT lounge access in Discord
  • Premium perks in whichever game server we're hosting.
  • Reputation system
  • Gaming events
  • Leaderboard

🟪 Netherlabs is creating an ecosystem for innovative & fun products.

Note: Netherlabs, Nether.Fi, and Nether.gg are a work in progress, which means the contents of this Gitbook will be change in the future.