Competitive Advantages

Answering the question of why would I invest in this?

🔑 Key Focus #1 - Uniswap moment but for perpetuals

  • Uniswap revolutionized DeFi via extreme product accessibility & usability
  • Easier accessibility equates to more people using the product.
  • (Network connection process, bridging, opening app, trading)
  • The more easily usable the product is, the more trades will occur.
  • (Clean & friendly UI/UX, simple/advanced interface, guided tours)

🔑 Key focus #2 - Sushiswap style incentive structure to vampire GMX users.

  • A great example is how Sushiswap incentivized Uniswap users to their dApp.
  • Our goal is to follow a similar tactic, but applied to GMX.‎
  • Airdrops to GMX traders + reduced trading fees for GMX traders.
  • Higher yield token incentive model to attract GMX TVL/traders.

🔑 Key focus #3 - Adding tokens without DeFi perpetuals

  • GMX has 4 trading pairs
  • GNS has 38 crypto pairs
  • dYdX has 36 pairs
  • What about the other thousands of crypto tokens?
  • Untapped DeFi perpetual volume awaits.