NETHER.Fi Product

A quick overview of the Nether.Fi product
The goal of Nether.Fi is to build value on top GMX's proven design via key innovations. Nether.Fi will work in a very similar manner to the codebase from which it was forked. Nether.Fi aiming to be a decentralized exchange with low swap fees and no price impact for spot and perpetual futures trading, requiring only a wallet connection to use. All trades, in the beginning, will be facilitated through a singular liquidity pool that consists of multiple whitelisted assets with different weights, and in the future, will be expanded to allow for multiple liquidity pools with tokens of different categories (for example blue-chip assets, stablecoins, interest bearing tokens, etc.).
Dynamic pricing is supported by Chainlink Oracles and an aggregate of prices from leading volume exchanges.
  • For token holders: Tokenomics and Rewards (WIP)
  • For liquidity providers: NLP