Funding FAQs

These questions are updated as they occur.

How can I invest in the seed raise?

➡️ Please go here and fill the form out.

How long are the seed tokens vested?

➡️ Seed tokens are vested over the course of 6 months. The vesting period begins once the liquidity pool is created. The tokens will be streamed in real time. This means you'll be dripped the tokens in real time.

How long did the pre-seed round last?

➡️ The preseed was filled in 3 weeks. 🎉

How large is the seed round?

➡️ We're aiming for a $500,000.

❓ What happens if the seed round isn't filled out?

➡️ The remaining tokens will be burned from the total supply. This increases the ownership percentage of those who decide to invest in the seed round.

❓ When does the seed round end?

➡️ April 15th 2023.

How can I get an allocation in the seed round?

➡️ Please see Funding Round Information section.