❓ What do the tokenomics look like?

ℹī¸ Maximum Supply: 500,000,000 NFI Total Supply: 400,000,000 NFI

❓ What do the token allocations look like?

ℹī¸ Pre-Seed Round: 10% (sold @ $0.002) - 6-month linear vest start on 4th Sept.

Seed Round: - 20% (sold @ $0.005) - 6-month linear vest start on 4th Sept.

Team: 15% - 1-year linear vest start on 4th Sept.

Dao Treasury: 25% - locked inside gnosis vault LP: 5% - locked in gnosis vault

Staking rewards: 25% - 5% pre-minted for staking rewards

20% un-minted

❓ What was the initial LP token price?

ℹī¸ NFI/WETH Initial LP Price: $0.02

❓ Are there any token taxes?

ℹī¸ No. Buy Tax: 0% Sell Tax: 0% Transfer Tax: 0%

❓ What is the NFI token contract address?

ℹī¸ NFI Contract Address: 0x60359a0dd148b18d5cf1ddf8aa1916221ed0cbcd

❓ What is the LP contract address?

ℹī¸ LP Contract Address: 0xaa4971221da0cf9df43f21cf29ad5530d42ada6d

❓ Is the LP locked?

ℹī¸ The LP is not locked yet but kept in our Gnosis Vault. We are in partnership talks with other liquidity providers on Base, so we need to be able to move our LP.

❓ Why aren't all of the NFI tokens allocated for LP provided as liquidity?

ℹī¸ The remaining tokens are reserved for increasing the LP size as the project earns revenue.

❓ Where can I buy or sell the NFI token?

ℹī¸ Exchange: https://app.baldex.hair/swap?inputCurrency=ETH&outputCurrency=0x60359A0DD148B18d5cF1Ddf8Aa1916221ED0cbCd&chainId=8453

❓ Where can I see a chart for the NFI token?

ℹī¸ Chart: https://dexscreener.com/base/0xaa4971221da0cf9df43f21cf29ad5530d42ada6d

ℹī¸ Base Network - How To

❓ How do I use Base chain?

  • Base chain works the same as any other Ethereum-compatible chain such as Arbitrum, Polygon, or BSC

  • To add Base network to your Metamask - https://docs.base.org/using-base/

  • Use the official Base Bridge to bridge your ETH (or other supported ERC20 tokens) from Ethereum mainnet to Base - https://bridge.base.org/deposit

    • Note: There is a 7 day withdrawal period to bridge assets back to the Ethereum mainnet from Base. Deposits happen instantly.

  • Connect your MetaMask or any other web3 wallet to any dApp that supports Base network, such as BaseSwap.

ℹī¸ Earning on NetherFi - There are 2 main staking pools on Nether.FI.

  1. Stake NFI or esNFI - earn esNFI, 30% of platform fees, and Multiplier Points

    • NFI/esNFI has to be staked manually on the earn page

  2. Stake NLP - earn esNFI and 70% of platform fees

    • NLP is a token you receive when you provide liquidity to a perpetual trading vault

    • NLP is staked automatically when purchased

❓ What is esNFI?

  • It's essentially the same as an NFI token but cannot be sold. Only staked in the same way as NFI or vested into NFI tokens. You earn esNFI by staking NFI or NLP

  • If staked, you earn rewards as if you were staking NFI

  • If vested, esNFI will convert to NFI 1:1, over a period of 1 year

  • What are Multiplier Points (MPs)?

    • You earn MPs at 100% APR by staking NFI/esNFI. When you compound your earned MPs they will boost your NFI staking APR.

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