Global FAQs

These questions are updated as they occur.

What's the difference between the NEFI token and NETHER token?

➡️ Our DeFi application requires it's own dedicated token that is NEFI. The funding rounds are for the DeFi product token. Our ecosystem token NETHER synergizes between all of our applications.

What is $KEK and what do they have to do with this project?

➡️ KEK is the crypto token that powers the analytical platform. The Cryptokek team has agreed to merge in order to work together towards our shared vision.

What are the details of the $NETHER airdrop?

➡️ NETHER, our yet to be minted ecosystem token, will be minted to mirror that of the KEK token supply 1 to 1. A snapshot will take place and be airdropped to KEK holders on March 15th 2023. The supply of the old KEK token will match that of the new NETHER token exactly. No dilution or vesting lockups for NETHER tokens once airdropped.

When is the airdrop snapshot?

➡️ March 15th 2023.

Are you guys doxxed?

➡️ Partially. Most DeFi projects allow their contracts to speak for themselves and have public external audits. DeFi inherently carries a large amount of risk given the fact they're financial products operating in and unregulated sector. To serious investors we're not afraid to dox via video call.

Which network is the NEFI token + Nether.Fi product launching on?

➡️ We're excited to announce we will be launching on Coinbase's Base network when they launch.

Do you plan to expand to other chains?

➡️ We are a multichain project. Our ecosystem token NETHER exists on Ethereum mainnet. Our DeFi token will be on the Base network which it's own dedicated chain.

How long has this project existed?

➡️ Per our roadmap, we became more organized around August of 2022, but the idea was in our heads a bit earlier than that. We've gone through multiple renames and rebrands in order to hit the nail on the head. Addtionally, the KEK project started in late 2017.

What is

➡️ is a place where the community comes together to bond. Whether that be fun gamified NFTs that synergize in our products or by the game nights we host once a week. The community is #1 and we want to do everything we can to grow it it fun unique ways.