Nether.Fi FAQs

These questions are updated as they occur.

What makes you different or better than GMX?

➡️ For the best answer, please review our competitive advantages section.

Is a minimal viable product online?

➡️ The MVP is being built as we speak.

When do you plan to launch?

➡️ This question is largely dictated by how long the funding rounds might take. Along with that, we are waiting for Coinbase to launch their chain. We're aiming for a proper launch this year.

What are you forked from?

➡️ GMX.

What's the difference between the NEFI token and NETHER token

➡️ Our DeFi application requires it's own dedicated token that is NEFI. The funding rounds are for the DeFi product token. Our ecosystem token NETHER synergizes between all of our applications.