These questions are updated as they occur.

❓ Which network is the NEFI token + Nether.Fi product launching on?

➡️ We're excited to announce we will be launching on Coinbase's Base network when they launch.

❓ What makes you different or better than GMX?

➡️ For the best answer, please review our competitive advantages section.

❓ Is a minimal viable product online?

➡️ The MVP is being built as we speak.

❓ When do you plan to launch?

➡️ This question is largely dictated by how long the funding rounds might take. Along with that, we are waiting for Coinbase to launch their chain. We're aiming for a proper launch this year.

❓ What are you forked from?

➡️ GMX.

❓ How can I invest in the seed raise?

➡️ The seed round filled successfully. It is not possible to invest in the seed any longer.

❓ Are there any other rounds I can invest in?

➡️ Our final round is our public round. Please reference "Funding Round Information" for more info.

❓ How long are the preseed & seed tokens vested?

➡️ Preseed and seed tokens are vested over the course of 6 months. The vesting period begins once the liquidity pool is created. The tokens will be streamed in real time. This means you'll be dripped the tokens in real time.