Overview of Nether.Fi

Nether.Fi - The Premier Decentralized Perpetual & Swap Exchange on Base

📈 Trade with Confidence

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, our platform empowers you to trade spot or engage in leveraged trading of up to 50x.

🌐 Low Transaction Fees

We believe in making your trades go further. Our platform boasts incredibly low transaction fees, ensuring that you retain more of your hard-earned profits. Even for those substantial orders, rest assured that price impact remains minimal.
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🛡️ Protection and Stability

Sudden price fluctuations and "scam wicks" are challenges we've tackled head-on. Our innovative pricing mechanism, anchored by Chainlink price feeds, offers protection against liquidation events caused by these events. Experience stability like never before, ensuring your trades are based on accurate and reliable data.

💰 Rewards for Participation

Your commitment to our platform doesn't go unnoticed. Stake NFI or mint NLP and unlock the potential for protocol fee-sharing rewards. We value your contribution and want you to share in the success you help create. Rewards for staking our paid out in esNFI and ETH!

Nether.Fi Vision

The vision of Nether.Fi is to become the premier de-centralized perpetuals exchange in the crypto landscape, setting the industry standard for security, speed, and user experience, all while breaking down the barriers between novice and seasoned traders.

Nether.Fi Mission

Our mission is to build upon GMX's proven design and deliver a seamless, ultra-low latency trading environment on Base, underpinned by cutting-edge UX/UI and rigorously audited smart contracts.
We aim to cater to both novices and experts by providing a robust, secure environment for perpetual and spot trading. Additionally, we are committed to constantly reinvesting in our technology and fostering a participative community to solidify our position as the leading DEX in the space.
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